Thursday, June 18, 2015

Waterloo II

Chère France

Comme toujours,
L'Europe est votre empire
Vous croyez contrôler l'ours
Mais, aussi, l'ours allemand navire

Votre ancien ennemi a le même rêve
Plusieurs fois, vous avez détruit l'Europe
Ayez caution que l'Europe en grève
Vous rencontra comme cauchemar en galope

Vos maîtres d'état payeront le prix
De votre ambition idiote
Excusez-moi de ce cri
Je crains, que votre avion sera sans pilote

Liebes Deutschland

Nein, Sie sind nicht immer schlimmer
Wie immer, will auch Frankreich herrschen
Mit Gewalt oder durch Schuld, wie immer
Auch jetzt, werdet Ihr Europa nicht beherrschen

Europa wünscht Euch eine schöne Badezeit
Und eine gute Euro-Zukunft zu zweit
Die Europäische Union braucht, wie jede Ehe,
Nur zwei: Euch Beide ~ bitte, jetzt gehe

Es gibt viele schöne Inseln auf dieser Welt
Genau genug für Euch, selbst ohne Geld
Armut verbieten mittels dieses Reiches
Is ein neues Waterloo ohne Gleiches

Lief België

Telkens waren jullie de klos
Maar ditmaal lijken jullie te denken
Dat jullie de rol spelen van de vos
Die zichzelf welvaart gaat schenken

Denk maar niet, dat Guy Verhofstadt
Jullie gaat helpen
Hij staat op de Brusselse mat
Inderdaad, op die mat liggen de parelschelpen

Maar ook nu zijn de parels niet voor jullie
Vergelijk Verhofstadt met de pechvogels
Uit de Nederlandse historie
Namen snijdend als 't fluiten van kogels

Quittons ce drame
Verlassen wir falsches Denkrahm
Slavernij is en blijft infaam

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Polar Song

It is all about energy
Concepts whose consequences we see
There is a lot more to it than that
Same players aren't forever on the mat
Moreover, there's no mat we see

Players push & pull fully free
At least, that's what it is, seemingly
The system ~ we understand just that
It is a physical combat

Holy books describe polarity
Systems allow us functionality
We undergo their hug or threat
Beauty may come from a miracle hat
Without start, things bow to polarity
It is what we're allowed to see

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Song

Poplar leaves whisper in short breezes
Grass fully abloom, someone sneezes
Short shadows on roof tiles
White sails on blue cause that someone smiles
We may find peace in a sight that pleases

Green, white, and blue combination teases
It's the main palet the eye seizes
In June, boats travel many miles
Poplar petals float around the isles

Grilled fish, lemon and chicken seizes
Our nostril, and teases and pleases
Subconscious memory makes no files
Of this, that invites us to walk for miles
Fresh grass is digested into cheeses
Poplar leaves bend to a breeze that squeezes

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

European Union & TTIP Song

Medieval Days
Revived, since we submit
To EU feudal ways
Our only shoe, it doesn't fit

The European colony
Is ordered to stay on The Shelf
France, Germany & USA hold the key
USA is comfortable on its own shelf

Then, the Sun gains strength
How we long for a free swim...!
To move at our own length
Freedom, relaxation: It's no whim

Then, suddenly The Shelf crumbles
Inevitable, with so many of us
Crooked companion Greece tumbles
Under a cage, waves are ominous

USA tries to mend the abyss
For now, with some success
Since we can't hunt, we need US gliss
Of plastic fish that does fluoresce

Fed on plastic fish, we can't focus
We're tired, or aggressive
From inside, it eats us
To nature, we can't be submissive

In the fog, no one can see Greece
It must be in the cold, black waves
One final big wave hits to release
All of us, docile slaves

We didn't want freedom
USA fruitlessly pushes us back
But, now fails its stardom,
Because our shelf isn't even a wreck

Only France and Germany,
Cling tightly to the remaining bars
That aren't yet free
A new cage they need, built from scars

As weak as we are, swim we must
Russia took Greece under its wing
Those outside who are more robust,
Are examples to which we must cling

Feudal magic couldn't save us
Like everybody else in the sea,
We must hunt and be rigorous
Only real fish will set us free

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bird Song

Birds, we love them, because they seem so free
They can choose from where they want to see
Places on Earth they like or need
Also birds, of peers they must take heed
They're not free to choose territory

Amazed we are by their accuracy
Fly across continents to the same tree
Some species, thoughts of engineers they feed
Birds don't all have ergonomics of speed

Their voices may have majesty
Some don't even fly, yet master the sea
Life is programmed, so are eggs birds breed
There's little change in what they or we need
Colors, shapes, skills show variety
Birds enjoy constrained liberty

(The Tree Swallow was inspired by a photo by
mr Howard Sharper, Saginaw, Michigan, USA)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Night Song

Interchange of celestial bodies
Darkness revives its own species
Miraculously, we see no changes
There's no development, no ranges
Darkness is people's time for parties

Loneliness is sensed in night's energies
Yet, togetherness expresses furies
In darkness, when many have exchanges
Interchange rejoices or damages

Has anybody seen the light's bodies
We still don't know its mysteries
Things always move without changes
It's the seasons, the night arranges
Crystal and steam have the same bodies
Interchange with own length at all bodies

Moon Song

Unreserved beauty we see in you
As the people know, women love you
It's also because you tick women's clock
There's no such thing as a dead rock
We don't know which place you go to

Because they wanted, people came to you
Maybe people cannot survive on you ~
Facts, several visits had to unlock
Unreserved, yet, we enjoyed Earth view

Our philosophizing goes to you
Waters will always listen to you
At your door, people will come and knock
Because, a home making dream they cannot block
Policians' ambition may come true
Unreservedly, we now enjoy the view