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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


People can't eat money & Promises don't feed love
True, we're not entitled to be happy
It's not what we want to be deprived of

We have a duty towards ourselves
Our own, but also others' happiness
And, we like to protect ourselves
From inflicting & incurring bleakness

People may not want to inflict a thing
That doesn't always count
Tangible damage it may bring
We hope to enjoy, not to surmount

An era always needs & is ending soon
Efforts hopefully weren't in vain
From being wrapped up in a cocoon
It's time for take off in a fresh plane

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Some doors are a figure of speech
They block advanced knowledge to some
The boldest and smartest can breach
Boundaries that leave others numb

Other doors open to new realms
They give option to some creatures
New perspective excites or calms
All is destined to new ventures

People, animals lock their world
Even plants use theirs for the same
Creatures like their lives safely furled
No others need to see the game

Freedom is ample with limits
And still, not everyone fits

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

After Winter

The Sun appears to be moving upward
Business may have been downward
Winter may be a metaphor
For the wheel of fortune's down tour
When people had to be on their guard

The heart may have tumbled downward
Still ruffled, it may hope for a reward
Its gloomy rooms restore their splendor
With Sun light entering an open door

It's good to be able to live off-guard
Spending leisure time in a yard
And not having to close the door
Yet, fortune not often changes the core
Winter situations may be hard
Spring Sun is the returning trump card

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Recently, this, I discovered:
Belief & trust climb a stairway
Like a game, it's steps are numbered
Not just like a computer play

First, you protect yourself from harm
That is when you reach level one
Then, a story does more than warm
With faith, level two has been done

To protect, belief, and exchange
That's when trust reaches level three
People are heroic or strange
Yet, confidence can set them free

Let's thank humanity's beauty
Let's gather willingness to see

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


People always sail their own ship
None of them knowing where it goes
Even when they well-plan the trip
The span between those may cause woes

Someone's word may give assurance
We strive to be independent
So, daringly we take our chance
Yet, that may feel insufficient

We always love the good news ship
So we need others, now & then
Truth is, we like any news ship
Thinking, else, we're stuck in the den

Even when we're rolling smoothly.
We like a push before we're free

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I've always believed that our heart
Is our best compass to choose with
When life's basics want a kick start
Intuition is not some myth

Just this ~ no one accepts no facts
Or skipping of confirmation
We need another's words & acts
Concerning a situation

Communication starts unseen
Be it love, business or else
Heart's energy is always clean
It can travel any place else

Intuition is our compass
Unless we're a lazy badass

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Humans want standards for their thing
For objects, products, plants, movement
And mostly they are labeling
Their physical environment

On behavior, preference
Standardization may not work
Rules stream well in wishes' defense
It may not be truth they uncork

A person's mind is specific
Specifics do have their own rule
Wise be to skip the generic
Standards may even harm a mule

Ourselves, our heart goes where it must
Standard judgements may be unjust

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I'm bound to say a thing
Not everyone will appreciate
A knowledge realm, though working
Not flawlessly within our fate,
It's a living, existing force
A genuine human work horse

It's part of another aspect
Of humanity we shouldn't neglect
There's science, there's religious text
Yet, this third pillar not all respect
It's been put to shame
Let's restore it to (more) fame

It's mostly part of the female mind
Ok, only some of them
Too bad, even women have declined
Their own gem
That may distinguish them from
Many others in the human kingdom

Maybe the 'spirits' use them
For their own ambition
And maybe some of them
Miss talent & inspiration
Like some scholars & scientists
Who were failures or antagonists

This realm is called clairvoyance
Also I took my chance
Even the police consult them
At this place, why not thank them
For anything that could ease
A wandering mind in clouded seas

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Within our own group
Or towards another group,
It shows us the inexpected

It can be neglected
Up to a point,
If connections try to be joint

It may need to be addressed
Without being repressed
Nor put behind a fence

Let's celebrate difference
I admit I sometimes ignore,
If consistently I roar

Friday, March 21, 2014


Political discussion
A means to profile oneself
From majority opinion
Need is, not to contradict oneself

Contradiction leads in fact to
Being in favor of an option
That conflicts with first opinion
It's not what I'm attracted to

Maturity means
Truly speaking from the soul
Lifting the screens
That prevent us from a goal


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where What Who

Together it's easier to find God
So they say
Why then can it be odd

It's happier to share God
All being touched by the ray
It's easier to find God

God looks different abroad
Life may seem a costume play
Another client at another rod

The meeting leaves us awed
When alone on our way
Without an understanding squad

Many lovers found God
Others somehow lost the ray
Experience that makes many nod

"Who always works, looks, is God"
"But that's a belief," some say
"Wherever you clawed
You still sail God's bay"


Thursday, February 28, 2013

See Think Know

A diamond seems a shining light
Or a star at greater distance
Maybe light means nobility
Or quick accessibility

Personalities aren't easy
Perspective directs perception
Mind, perception make honesty
Think & feel may be election

In creation there's no secret
It holds positions we can't see
Energy goes without regret
You may, may not understand me

From another angle no change
New just means to me a thing strange


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shadow & Light

It's something people must live by
We are shadow and we are light
I have bad qualities, they might
Somehow become my evil eye

How to make those look some better
Openness is a warning flag
Or it's a reference letter
I try to share from my own bag

We may chase those we love the most
Too much emotion invested?
Life is not always a safe post
When our perspective is tested

Be honest & mild to yourself
And give others good from your shelf


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blue & Pink Bathroom Dolls

A blue bathroom doll with several pink bathroom dolls
May be a ring carrier and thus ride their daytime stallion
A straight stick may not like the playground chessboard
And wants to build its own Stonehenge
Thus ignoring that The Maker and a long line of dolls
Have rolled it's circle and ignoring that cheap grasp
Lies in the eye - behold, love what it sees!
The eye lies on the left scale and the pocket on it's right
They fight and we don't predict who wins, let alone who's right
It is a good thing the mind likes to see without the eye and
Excites over the stallion to run the most beautiful garden
Of eternal oblivion - or does the stick need its Stonehenge?
All those nightly horses may have their round the clock stallion
After all.

When the blue bathroom doll galloped closer
She saw it wasn't a ring the doll carried
It was round bowl with a hole in it through which
A search light seemed to wander over the faces,
Until it stopped on this pink bathroom doll's face
In the bowl she saw packages,
In the dark every cat seems black, then she saw what's gold
She looked into a mirror on a portrait
The portrait of the blue bathroom doll - not any doll?
What did the mirror reflect? All the marrow shook 'n shaked
When she recognized the reflection ~ What now?
What she learned was: not two dolls are equal
Horses don't always understand an orchard's herb
Until they've walked it through.


(With thanks to web blogger and flarf-poet 'Charlie Zero', who inspired and, more or less, taught me to write flarf-poems).