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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Long Journey

Travelling is usually understood in miles
This time, I travelled inward, 
Then, counter clockwise, backward
Painstakingly, into my own files

It's like the past has shrunk
It's only papers in a trunk
But, the end I can see
Soon, I may be free

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Eurozone Slack

Many people tried to shut me up
When I said it: It's not gonna work
Too much collective work,
Is economy's death cup

Economy is no piece of art
For well-intending public officials
We see now, how it congeals
Into our faces, does it fart

Some chaos, belongs to economy
The individual needs space
To deploy their very own race
Yet, in the Eurozone, not many are free

Boorish people just speak their mind
Insensitive honesty speaks truth
No wishful thinking from a loudmouth
Wishful politics can be truly unkind

Boorish people: Donald Trump
Or, Boris Johnson, may dare jump

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Miraculous Apparitions

We can read about miracles
In religious scriptures
Apparitions, light bundles
But, we can't talk about such creatures

It may be wisdom
To listen to them
Reality may be in a phantom,
Remember Betlehem

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Muslim City

Heat, at noon
Prayer time, soon
God's name on the wall
Is written for us all
People walk in, at ease
There's a slight, hot breeze
School children on their way
It's a regular sales day
Water, fruit, corn, nuts, change hands
Kitchenware from Asian lands,
Is colourfully present,
As is grilled meat scent
There's always something to enjoy
Just don't forget your own employ

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


People can't eat money & Promises don't feed love
True, we're not entitled to be happy
It's not what we want to be deprived of

We have a duty towards ourselves
Our own, but also others' happiness
And, we like to protect ourselves
From inflicting & incurring bleakness

People may not want to inflict a thing
That doesn't always count
Tangible damage it may bring
We hope to enjoy, not to surmount

An era always needs & is ending soon
Efforts hopefully weren't in vain
From being wrapped up in a cocoon
It's time for take off in a fresh plane

Monday, December 28, 2015

Another TTIP Song

Self-reliance and privacy
Hinder efficiency
The Suppliers need immediate access
Therefore, you're ordered to lock less

The Suppliers must fill our closets
With food products, water, energy, for people & pets
Then, they must gather your payment
Direct access to your home & money is a requirement

The Suppliers know what you are allowed to need
Because it's on you they feed
Now, you live on state chain -- yet, only in it's domain
Soon, you also & mainly live on TTIP's Supplier chain

Good luck, happy new year
HM @}}-

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Dream

A green Christmas will come true
Have any of you
Seen any snow, this Winter?
Icebergs crumble & splinter

Blackbirds sing
Temperatures remind of Spring
Weirdness is main theme
In the present world scheme

What is the future of life,
Of water, land, in this strife?
I leave the question for now
After the holidays, further we plow

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nothing & Something

Is nothing space between more than a thing
Like silence is nothing between sounds
Or is it the also-existing non-existing

Perhaps it isn't a question that hounds
Because there's always something
Creation and mass have no bounds

If creation has no ending
Would it be a statement that astounds
That creation has no beginning

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Political Gossip

When politicians bring up
A colleague's personal life
They usually drank a vinegar filled cup
To give their mind strife

Bringers of doubtful, unproven news
About others' personal life
Usually share clear news
About their very own strife

Charlie Brooker, lord Ashcroft ~ before unknown
They push forth their own sour faces
Unknowingly, themselves, they've blown
Their own minds ~ as being small places

Even those who don't admire
David Cameron
Still appreciate a strong wire
With relevance, without easy con

My lecture for today would be:
Stick to business
Don't strut your own hate memory
To those who care less

Monday, July 27, 2015

Capitalist Song



Isn't it all just about
The erosion, inflation
Of language, throughout?
Do we remember their definition?

The real definition now of these words
Is simply: Bad person, bad ideology
They function like blunt swords
They lost their threat in etymology

Alas, we forgot that capitalism
Also has a positive, healthy meaning
If we abolish collectivist corporatism
And return property to those concerning

We can improve the political debate
Once we hold matching keys to its gate

Monday, May 18, 2015

Air & Water Song

We can't own it, even though we'd like
It may feed, caress, swallow, or strike
And then, we all, always pass it on
One cannot try and hold it on
All we may, is stream it by tube and dyke

Its ultimate beauty we like
Even the more, when Sun beams strike
And fan the color spectrum of vision
We can't own it, to some people's dislike

Home of jellyfish, seagull, and pike
Our space to walk, sail, fly, or bike
People's folly makes effort to hold on
But we can't own it; effort is a con

Knowing the future is what we like
Also if water & air's end may strike
Winter, Summer, from dusk till dawn
Temperature, force, brings changes upon
This home of carp, catfish, seal and pike,
That what we can't own--to our dislike

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Money Song

Whatever money is
Property it never is
It has no prejudice, no eyes
Full objectivity makes wise

Money is ignorant
Within an instant,
Money flows to the bulk of money
Its one variation is currency

Could money cure us from racism?
Maybe, because it makes no schism
Is money without real value?
Or is it impartial and true?

All I think, now we have no respect
And that makes us full of neglect

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Bottom-up theater
Actors make the play
In a way, democratic theater
The producer chooses from their play

Actors may bring their story
May not know each word by heart
The producer then moulds the story
Brought outside what lives in the heart

Friday, March 21, 2014


Political discussion
A means to profile oneself
From majority opinion
Need is, not to contradict oneself

Contradiction leads in fact to
Being in favor of an option
That conflicts with first opinion
It's not what I'm attracted to

Maturity means
Truly speaking from the soul
Lifting the screens
That prevent us from a goal


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feudalism for Truth

It's true: ideologies, religions
They're like a supermarket
(Ab)used by bureaucracy, politicians
Do I want to give up on them?

I look at what they say
Is it true, credible?
That is my assessment way
All are at elements true, usable

There's one ideology I never believe:
'One for all all for one'
Feudalism, corporatism, is a thief
Of basic human rights to independence

Independence, self-reliance, small ownership
Are the only ways to earn one's livelihood
No government or rulers can bring you food
Yet they abuse 'truth' to take over your ship

Therefore any collectivism & corporatism
Lead to poverty, debt, war
Landreform is what we must struggle for
Get back home & garden from formalism