Monday, December 28, 2015

Another TTIP Song

Self-reliance and privacy
Hinder efficiency
The Suppliers need immediate access
Therefore, you're ordered to lock less

The Suppliers must fill our closets
With food products, water, energy, for people & pets
Then, they must gather your payment
Direct access to your home & money is a requirement

The Suppliers know what you are allowed to need
Because it's on you they feed
Now, you live on state chain -- yet, only in it's domain
Soon, you also & mainly live on TTIP's Supplier chain

Good luck, happy new year
HM @}}-

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pacifian Song Against Racism

How to tackle racism?
Correct names are a traditional tool
Then we enter the minefield, the swamp, of -ism
Always someone is left out from the human pool

Dutch Black Pete isn't seen with the same standard
As is Iranian Black Pete
First is slandered, latter wins an award
Not easily, tastes meet

The name 'America' seems a strong symbol
Yet, a true perfectionist
Makes even that name crumble
Skipping Amerigo Vespucci, is truly non-racist

America needs a new, neutral name
A name that doesn't mention any people or person
Then, everyone is left out of fame
I try to suggest a new name that may be spot on

Atlantis is already taken
East India leaves too many a question
Westland is geographically always mistaken
Pacifia would be my suggestion

Native Pacifian
Caucasian Pacifian
Then the first ambiguity: Asian Pacifian ~
The first pitfall for any correct politician

Is it ever possible:
Win the fight against racism
In a way that's plausible
Without ending in dead end-activism

Any answer is appreciated
To this question that keeps many fascinated

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Dream

A green Christmas will come true
Have any of you
Seen any snow, this Winter?
Icebergs crumble & splinter

Blackbirds sing
Temperatures remind of Spring
Weirdness is main theme
In the present world scheme

What is the future of life,
Of water, land, in this strife?
I leave the question for now
After the holidays, further we plow