Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Some doors are a figure of speech
They block advanced knowledge to some
The boldest and smartest can breach
Boundaries that leave others numb

Other doors open to new realms
They give option to some creatures
New perspective excites or calms
All is destined to new ventures

People, animals lock their world
Even plants use theirs for the same
Creatures like their lives safely furled
No others need to see the game

Freedom is ample with limits
And still, not everyone fits

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

After Winter

The Sun appears to be moving upward
Business may have been downward
Winter may be a metaphor
For the wheel of fortune's down tour
When people had to be on their guard

The heart may have tumbled downward
Still ruffled, it may hope for a reward
Its gloomy rooms restore their splendor
With Sun light entering an open door

It's good to be able to live off-guard
Spending leisure time in a yard
And not having to close the door
Yet, fortune not often changes the core
Winter situations may be hard
Spring Sun is the returning trump card