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Thursday, November 1, 2018

What Circulates & Isn't Our Property

Water, air, and, yes, money are free
They change hands; even run through the body
Government is there to channel
Yet, can't contain them within a tunnel
And, disappear, can only money

Only money suffers stupidity
It's a child of your activity
But, it will never be your personnel
All are free, when you push your panel

In water and air, no change we see
At least, lunar phases have their decree
These two pundits are God's own colonel
Over life, as its bullying pannel
We dream freedom; they truly are free.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Polar Song II

Upside & downside will change place
It's never each other they chase
It's each other's energy they need
From each other they can't be freed
It's nature's compulsory embrace

Some shapes & objects can displace
Only as one & the same face
Likewise, some creatures, on each other feed
In the downside of time, it was agreed

Repulsion & attraction work in space
The soul is an invisible waves' base
A force is objective, without greed
Endings become beginnings, as decreed
Our fortune, we must bear it with grace
Upside always rolls downside in the race

Monday, February 8, 2016


Creation is at its very best
Within strict laws, nature knows no rest
Won't we love to witness a miracle
That nature overcomes an obstacle
Only to then see it can't be processed

Of walking the water, scriptures attest
Ships' privacy would be dispossessed
Crossing a rainbow on bicycle,
As creation's non-fitting particle

We can turn around East & West
But, eating fire is a failed quest
There's a mystery to each miracle
As it breaks a compulsory cycle
As if with the truth can be messed
Now, creation is at its best

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Polar Song

It is all about energy
Concepts whose consequences we see
There is a lot more to it than that
Same players aren't forever on the mat
Moreover, there's no mat we see

Players push & pull fully free
At least, that's what it is, seemingly
The system ~ we understand just that
It is a physical combat

Holy books describe polarity
Systems allow us functionality
We undergo their hug or threat
Beauty may come from a miracle hat
Without start, things bow to polarity
It is what we're allowed to see

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Snow & Ice Song

Mystery of creation
Strength and isolation
From a cristalline grid
From cold that does forbid
Beauty and entertainment, thanks to its perfection

Desert Song

The desert brings soothing emptiness
I've had the privilege of access
To desert land in four countries
Desert lands are vast, empty, as are seas
At first sight, we don't see their liveliness

Historic figures could address
Human issues in their ampleness
At second sight, much life one sees
The desert houses amazing species

Camouflaged bushes, dry wind does caress
I've seen the worst rains in this aridness
I could hardly believe what the eye sees
To the mind, the vastness does please
Their size hasn't grown any less
The desert feeds and dries our harness

Monday, May 18, 2015

Earth Song

Essential in the universe is
Matter~ the start of all of this
Beginnings & endings are crumbs
Building element to dust & lumps
People have tried to find its wiz

Hard, sharp, blunt, or smooth osmosis
Builds homes for our symbiosis
To force & heat, matter succumbs
Essential change or minor bumps

Mysterious product from matter is
Life~ do we know what the difference is
From matter that lacks life's vital drums
Matter feeds~ see a sparrow feed on plums
Its particles, that's what a human is
Essentially, we belong to the wiz

Air & Water Song

We can't own it, even though we'd like
It may feed, caress, swallow, or strike
And then, we all, always pass it on
One cannot try and hold it on
All we may, is stream it by tube and dyke

Its ultimate beauty we like
Even the more, when Sun beams strike
And fan the color spectrum of vision
We can't own it, to some people's dislike

Home of jellyfish, seagull, and pike
Our space to walk, sail, fly, or bike
People's folly makes effort to hold on
But we can't own it; effort is a con

Knowing the future is what we like
Also if water & air's end may strike
Winter, Summer, from dusk till dawn
Temperature, force, brings changes upon
This home of carp, catfish, seal and pike,
That what we can't own--to our dislike