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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Democracy: Also For Rough & Populist Thought

Fake News, Individualism,
Or Nationalism:
Certainly, modern day swearwords
That work like killer swords,
To more polished minds in the prism

Yet, indy thought, away from ism,
Is essential part of any prism
Democracy always has discords
Fake News' words can be needed ugly cords

Belligerence is first real schism
Killing life is final cataclysm
Worst killers use captivating words:
Co-Operation, Green Accords,
To hide destructive Corporatism

Friday, November 16, 2018


The most efficient food has gluten
Spaghetti, bread, crouton, have we eaten
It has great taste and fills the belly
Many people get sick, drowsy,
Or enslaved to anything wheaten

Before, beer could be added to gluten
Governments have not forgotten
Clean water and nature's difficulty.
Beer and gluten are efficiency

Once nature's food has been eaten,
Freedom comes, and that will threaten
Corporate and state identity
To some people, it may sound crazy
Serfdom to bad food we've eaten,
Weakens our world -- to some, it's gluten

Thursday, November 1, 2018

What Circulates & Isn't Our Property

Water, air, and, yes, money are free
They change hands; even run through the body
Government is there to channel
Yet, can't contain them within a tunnel
And, disappear, can only money

Only money suffers stupidity
It's a child of your activity
But, it will never be your personnel
All are free, when you push your panel

In water and air, no change we see
At least, lunar phases have their decree
These two pundits are God's own colonel
Over life, as its bullying pannel
We dream freedom; they truly are free.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Money Song II

Money is running energy
It only follows passions set free
Admittedly, money has no soul
It's owners have one, plus a goal
A soul is a soul, even when empty

Like blood, money feeds the economy
It's disrespected equally
The other half makes a circle whole
Money is running energy

Between glorifying money
And rejecting it entirely,
Lies a real world where it may roll
Human nature can be controversial
Money is running energy

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

After Winter

The Sun appears to be moving upward
Business may have been downward
Winter may be a metaphor
For the wheel of fortune's down tour
When people had to be on their guard

The heart may have tumbled downward
Still ruffled, it may hope for a reward
Its gloomy rooms restore their splendor
With Sun light entering an open door

It's good to be able to live off-guard
Spending leisure time in a yard
And not having to close the door
Yet, fortune not often changes the core
Winter situations may be hard
Spring Sun is the returning trump card

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Polar Song II

Upside & downside will change place
It's never each other they chase
It's each other's energy they need
From each other they can't be freed
It's nature's compulsory embrace

Some shapes & objects can displace
Only as one & the same face
Likewise, some creatures, on each other feed
In the downside of time, it was agreed

Repulsion & attraction work in space
The soul is an invisible waves' base
A force is objective, without greed
Endings become beginnings, as decreed
Our fortune, we must bear it with grace
Upside always rolls downside in the race

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Change in Creation

What we see around us, is perfection
What if it could: Change in creation
You & me could start as humans
Then, it would be possible to make plans
Towards challenging variation

This sounds like a tempting extension
Yet, it will lead to deception
What if a new shape doesn't enhance
What we see for us as a good chance

Examples may cause reflection
A retriever becomes a dalmatian
A horse changes into tin cans
Stones or feathers, once were humans
Moon & Earth loose their rotation
What we see for us, will be frustration

Monday, February 8, 2016


Creation is at its very best
Within strict laws, nature knows no rest
Won't we love to witness a miracle
That nature overcomes an obstacle
Only to then see it can't be processed

Of walking the water, scriptures attest
Ships' privacy would be dispossessed
Crossing a rainbow on bicycle,
As creation's non-fitting particle

We can turn around East & West
But, eating fire is a failed quest
There's a mystery to each miracle
As it breaks a compulsory cycle
As if with the truth can be messed
Now, creation is at its best

Friday, August 28, 2015

Italian Song

Find, that beauty is Italy
The sea's horizon we don't see
When it's bathing in the Summer Sun
We see even a monk and a nun
With tablet & smart phone near the sea

All shops & restaurants sell glutenfree
Nowhere more wheat products do we see
Local mozarella needs no bun
Find oregano at your mountain run

Palaces from fairy tales set free;
Lushy fountains; many a citrus tree
Imagination & water will run
In lofty places under the Sun
It will make you collect some bounty
Find here your new, inspired energy

Friday, July 24, 2015

Boat Song

Boats are as old as humanity
Perhaps our oldest facility
One of the few places to combine
Work and pleasure in a way that's benign
They're places that dampen banality

Sameness is elsewhere dull profanity
Here, it may be spirituality
Never the same is the water line
Boats will often modestly align

Captains want individuality
Or challenging materiality
People want to gather or land what's fine
And have made easy or forward design
To follow heavenly facility
Across water's practicality

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Polar Song

It is all about energy
Concepts whose consequences we see
There is a lot more to it than that
Same players aren't forever on the mat
Moreover, there's no mat we see

Players push & pull fully free
At least, that's what it is, seemingly
The system ~ we understand just that
It is a physical combat

Holy books describe polarity
Systems allow us functionality
We undergo their hug or threat
Beauty may come from a miracle hat
Without start, things bow to polarity
It is what we're allowed to see

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Song

Poplar leaves whisper in short breezes
Grass fully abloom, someone sneezes
Short shadows on roof tiles
White sails on blue cause that someone smiles
We may find peace in a sight that pleases

Green, white, and blue combination teases
It's the main palet the eye seizes
In June, boats travel many miles
Poplar petals float around the isles

Grilled fish, lemon and chicken seizes
Our nostril, and teases and pleases
Subconscious memory makes no files
Of this, that invites us to walk for miles
Fresh grass is digested into cheeses
Poplar leaves bend to a breeze that squeezes

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bird Song

Birds, we love them, because they seem so free
They can choose from where they want to see
Places on Earth they like or need
Also birds, of peers they must take heed
They're not free to choose territory

Amazed we are by their accuracy
Fly across continents to the same tree
Some species, thoughts of engineers they feed
Birds don't all have ergonomics of speed

Their voices may have majesty
Some don't even fly, yet master the sea
Life is programmed, so are eggs birds breed
There's little change in what they or we need
Colors, shapes, skills show variety
Birds enjoy constrained liberty

(The Tree Swallow was inspired by a photo by
mr Howard Sharper, Saginaw, Michigan, USA)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Night Song

Interchange of celestial bodies
Darkness revives its own species
Miraculously, we see no changes
There's no development, no ranges
Darkness is people's time for parties

Loneliness is sensed in night's energies
Yet, togetherness expresses furies
In darkness, when many have exchanges
Interchange rejoices or damages

Has anybody seen the light's bodies
We still don't know its mysteries
Things always move without changes
It's the seasons, the night arranges
Crystal and steam have the same bodies
Interchange with own length at all bodies

Moon Song

Unreserved beauty we see in you
As the people know, women love you
It's also because you tick women's clock
There's no such thing as a dead rock
We don't know which place you go to

Because they wanted, people came to you
Maybe people cannot survive on you ~
Facts, several visits had to unlock
Unreserved, yet, we enjoyed Earth view

Our philosophizing goes to you
Waters will always listen to you
At your door, people will come and knock
Because, a home making dream they cannot block
Policians' ambition may come true
Unreservedly, we now enjoy the view

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sun & Moon Song

Our beacons and navigators
Not only for farmers and sailors
They push and pull us around
Every six hours they bare some ground
A lasting cycle without failures

These bodies have many neighbors
All have their own matters and flavors
We don't know, where it all is bound
Our beacons haven't all been found

That the universe always had actors,
Must be truth without competitors
Enough is: Their beauty does astound
To pondering and consuming we're bound
Concerning their mobilizing factors
Our beacons are our movie's actors

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Desert Song

The desert brings soothing emptiness
I've had the privilege of access
To desert land in four countries
Desert lands are vast, empty, as are seas
At first sight, we don't see their liveliness

Historic figures could address
Human issues in their ampleness
At second sight, much life one sees
The desert houses amazing species

Camouflaged bushes, dry wind does caress
I've seen the worst rains in this aridness
I could hardly believe what the eye sees
To the mind, the vastness does please
Their size hasn't grown any less
The desert feeds and dries our harness

Monday, May 18, 2015

Earth Song

Essential in the universe is
Matter~ the start of all of this
Beginnings & endings are crumbs
Building element to dust & lumps
People have tried to find its wiz

Hard, sharp, blunt, or smooth osmosis
Builds homes for our symbiosis
To force & heat, matter succumbs
Essential change or minor bumps

Mysterious product from matter is
Life~ do we know what the difference is
From matter that lacks life's vital drums
Matter feeds~ see a sparrow feed on plums
Its particles, that's what a human is
Essentially, we belong to the wiz

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prepare for Winter

Prepare for Winter in the mind
Also to yourself be kind
Enjoy the open air
Gray sky is everywhere
Yet strength in it you will find

Gray may be colored less unkind
Comfort people try to find
With lights here & there
Prepare for Winter & be kind

Hit the outdoors & you'll find
The energy to unwind
Cold may be everywhere
Just move & don't go bare
Prepare for Winter & don't mind