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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Polar Song II

Upside & downside will change place
It's never each other they chase
It's each other's energy they need
From each other they can't be freed
It's nature's compulsory embrace

Some shapes & objects can displace
Only as one & the same face
Likewise, some creatures, on each other feed
In the downside of time, it was agreed

Repulsion & attraction work in space
The soul is an invisible waves' base
A force is objective, without greed
Endings become beginnings, as decreed
Our fortune, we must bear it with grace
Upside always rolls downside in the race

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nothing & Something

Is nothing space between more than a thing
Like silence is nothing between sounds
Or is it the also-existing non-existing

Perhaps it isn't a question that hounds
Because there's always something
Creation and mass have no bounds

If creation has no ending
Would it be a statement that astounds
That creation has no beginning

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sun & Moon Song

Our beacons and navigators
Not only for farmers and sailors
They push and pull us around
Every six hours they bare some ground
A lasting cycle without failures

These bodies have many neighbors
All have their own matters and flavors
We don't know, where it all is bound
Our beacons haven't all been found

That the universe always had actors,
Must be truth without competitors
Enough is: Their beauty does astound
To pondering and consuming we're bound
Concerning their mobilizing factors
Our beacons are our movie's actors