Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Short Days

Clouds as low as the earth
To celebrate an ancient birth
A bulk of decorations is in the shops
It's not yet very cold on the chops
In the mists that make a comfy girth


Prepare for Winter

Prepare for Winter in the mind
Also to yourself be kind
Enjoy the open air
Gray sky is everywhere
Yet strength in it you will find

Gray may be colored less unkind
Comfort people try to find
With lights here & there
Prepare for Winter & be kind

Hit the outdoors & you'll find
The energy to unwind
Cold may be everywhere
Just move & don't go bare
Prepare for Winter & don't mind


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rainy Summer

In a rainy Summer
One finds a new appreciation
Linden, honeysuckle, roses’ scent sensation
Mingles with warm water: it’s no bummer


Coffee Bar

Coffee scent floats by
Cricket sound rises to the sky
Crowds on the water after dark
Boat lights softly spark



Some Winter days it’s possible
The weather allows to sail away
A parable is feasible
Find your way anyway