Saturday, February 28, 2015


Bottom-up theater
Actors make the play
In a way, democratic theater
The producer chooses from their play

Actors may bring their story
May not know each word by heart
The producer then moulds the story
Brought outside what lives in the heart

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Until the eighties,
The Dutch had a healthy diet
Season's vegetables & berries
Though the food press kept quiet

The Dutch weren't overweight
In those days of unmodified food
Grown on soil, in open air, as should
Not under glass and on a plastic plate

Food is prone to fashion
I admire & curse those making fortune
On our basic provision
Even when false may be their tune

Curly cale is a winter vegetable
Typically grown on snow land
Vitamins & minerals on your table
In Michelle Obama's garden at hand

I heard there's insatiable demand
In America, of all places
For a cale that once wasn't grand
Not seen at parties for snooty faces

Now comes a swan with high styling
The times they change
It wasn't an ugly duckling
It just looked a bit strange

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I'm bound to say a thing
Not everyone will appreciate
A knowledge realm, though working
Not flawlessly within our fate,
It's a living, existing force
A genuine human work horse

It's part of another aspect
Of humanity we shouldn't neglect
There's science, there's religious text
Yet, this third pillar not all respect
It's been put to shame
Let's restore it to (more) fame

It's mostly part of the female mind
Ok, only some of them
Too bad, even women have declined
Their own gem
That may distinguish them from
Many others in the human kingdom

Maybe the 'spirits' use them
For their own ambition
And maybe some of them
Miss talent & inspiration
Like some scholars & scientists
Who were failures or antagonists

This realm is called clairvoyance
Also I took my chance
Even the police consult them
At this place, why not thank them
For anything that could ease
A wandering mind in clouded seas

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cher Charlie Hebdo, voici pourquoi les gens sages restent neutres

Surtout, mes condoléances à vous

Ayant dit ça,

Il faut ajouter quelque chose.

Impossible de nier,

Que la France fait part

Des pays autoritaires et patriarcales

En Europe.

Alors vous n'avez aucun droit,

AUCUN, de dire un seul mot

A l'égard de l'Islam

La 'tolérance' et la 'liberté'

De la France sont présentes

Dans mon arbre généalogique:

Tout ceux persécutés par vos ancêtres

Y sont présents.

Et non seulement des français,

Egalement des allemands et portugais.

Alors, s'il vous plait,

Silencez-vous, vraiment. C'est plus beau

Moi aussi, étant néerlandaise,

Je tâche à me taire, à ce sujet.

Les Pays Bas, avec leurs crimes de guerre

En Indonésie, n'ont pas de droit de parler.

Ni de justice,

Et ni de liberté.

Sans doute, vous ne savez pas

Qu'ici, insulter le Roi de ce pays,

Résulte en cinq ans d'emprisonnement

C'est, hélas, la vérité.

Et après tous ses crimes de guerre

En Palestine, Algérie, à l'Iraq, l'Afghanistan,

Les tortures au Guantanamo,

L'Occident n'a aucun droit

De parler. Vraiment!

Pensez toujours à cette verse

De la Sainte Bible:

Ceux sans péchés, jetez la première pierre

Rien ne décrit cette situation-ci mieux.

Et veuillez lire les versets Coraniques

2:178, 17:33 et 60:8

Pour mieux comprendre que ce qu'ont fait

Ces terroristes: c'est contre l'Islam.

Et plus.

Je veux qu'un dessin polémique me fasse penser

Non seulement aux autres, mais aussi à moi

Et surtout, qu'il me fasse (sou)rire.

Et n'oubliez pas la douleur

Des parents de deux frères

Entrés en crime

Et tués à cette route malheureuse.

Je vous salue et vous souhaite le mieux,

Hajar Mulder

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Smile on a humorist face
Over US-information misfortune
Who holds the ace
When gloating over a broken balloon

It’s inappropriate to gloat
Over the sanctity of the human body
In the information race, it’s scape goat
Decency is always in custody

I’m glad they spy on EU-politicians
Europe has a long history
Of war crimes on civilians
USA’s rescue role is no mystery

President Vladimir Putin says
Edward Snowden must stop
Releasing US-info that’s not his
Does Putin have a point or a flop?

European states offended Bolivia’s president
To the core, over Edward Snowden
The president morally won at this event
What happened then?

Snowden now wants to stay with the Russians
Russia wants to abandon computers
For reliable German typewriters
Espionage is a world of comedians

It’s too tempting for governments
Not to eavesdrop
At the others’ moments
It’s a sad flop

Reading piles of love letters
Advertising mails
Among all those tales
Rarely a thing that ‘matters’

I see no real hero
A spy is, in the eyes
Of the own party, a zero;
Beast of burden under other skies

It is true that the issues are sad
From privacy to the Syrian war
It is true so much of it is bad
We see things decent people abhor

Yet, key figures here make me smile
The clash of personalities who are
Gifted with their charismatic style
We must bear more than one star

Russia, once first on spying,
First on violence in prison,
Now Vladimir Putin is champion
For the free nation’s failing

Vladimir Putin offers safety
To Edward Snowden
And Barack Obama then
Refuses Putin’s hospitality

Yet the US-president
Still has the intent
To relate with, visit Russia
Thus politicians pass this arena

How to summarize this schism
It’s the theater of whataboutism
I stopped judging
Yet admire individuals shining

Dutch police beat up Russian diplomat
Strangers beat up Dutch diplomat
Who should be tamed?
Should I be ashamed?

You really think
Holland will punish
Public officials who stink?
It never does, here to our anguish

First he enlarged his power
Now he granted amnesty by law
He will shine like a sunlit flower
Some politicians have a colorful paw

Khodorkovsky spent 10 loud years in jail
He did all but shut up in his cell
The president took a chance to do well
At his request his president didn’t fail
To at last release him
Was it a genuine soft spot, a ruse, or a whim?

Offended to be released
What is a prison camp for?
Is it supposed to be a feast
When, to most, it’s a place to abhor

Ukraine’s president is playing hooky
I would smile if it weren’t so sad
Cutting off opponents’ ear is no cooky
Many a leader has gone full-blown mad

Earlier, Dutch Internal Affairs Minister
Had claimed NSA spies heavily here
Defense Minister says Dutch intelligence spies here
It’s pathetic rather than sinister

Dutch Internal Affairs had knowingly
Hidden Dutch Intelligence role
His black innocent eyes work forgivingly
NSA wasn’t the mole

Who spies on who?
The USA on China?
Or is it vice versa?
Most likely, mutuality is true

Secret services form a state
Within appreciated nations’ state
They lead lives of their own
Away from people, politics, they’ve grown

American people have reached out to me
Reliability I do see
Yet, meddling with foreign lands is unlucky
Withdrawal will set them free

Eastern Europe gained freedom
Western Europe lost that
It’s a long way from
A wall fallen flat