Monday, February 29, 2016

Seeming Imperfection

The year is 365 & a 1/4 days
Some of us, can't celebrate birthdays
Every year, which is a bit unhandy
Once every 4 years, some get the candy
Perfection wasn't made to just suit our ways

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Polar Song II

Upside & downside will change place
It's never each other they chase
It's each other's energy they need
From each other they can't be freed
It's nature's compulsory embrace

Some shapes & objects can displace
Only as one & the same face
Likewise, some creatures, on each other feed
In the downside of time, it was agreed

Repulsion & attraction work in space
The soul is an invisible waves' base
A force is objective, without greed
Endings become beginnings, as decreed
Our fortune, we must bear it with grace
Upside always rolls downside in the race

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Change in Creation

What we see around us, is perfection
What if it could: Change in creation
You & me could start as humans
Then, it would be possible to make plans
Towards challenging variation

This sounds like a tempting extension
Yet, it will lead to deception
What if a new shape doesn't enhance
What we see for us as a good chance

Examples may cause reflection
A retriever becomes a dalmatian
A horse changes into tin cans
Stones or feathers, once were humans
Moon & Earth loose their rotation
What we see for us, will be frustration

Monday, February 8, 2016


Creation is at its very best
Within strict laws, nature knows no rest
Won't we love to witness a miracle
That nature overcomes an obstacle
Only to then see it can't be processed

Of walking the water, scriptures attest
Ships' privacy would be dispossessed
Crossing a rainbow on bicycle,
As creation's non-fitting particle

We can turn around East & West
But, eating fire is a failed quest
There's a mystery to each miracle
As it breaks a compulsory cycle
As if with the truth can be messed
Now, creation is at its best

Monday, December 28, 2015

Another TTIP Song

Self-reliance and privacy
Hinder efficiency
The Suppliers need immediate access
Therefore, you're ordered to lock less

The Suppliers must fill our closets
With food products, water, energy, for people & pets
Then, they must gather your payment
Direct access to your home & money is a requirement

The Suppliers know what you are allowed to need
Because it's on you they feed
Now, you live on state chain -- yet, only in it's domain
Soon, you also & mainly live on TTIP's Supplier chain

Good luck, happy new year
HM @}}-